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(in no special order - most recent links added tend to be at the top of the page)

NEWSpecial Olympics - Providing year round sports training and competition for people with intellectual disabilities. The National Games are coming up in Adelaide in 2010. Interested in volunteering to support this activity?
See http://www.specialolympics.com.au/

NEWDisability Professionals Australasia (DPA) - A new professional association representing people who are working in the disability field has been developed - watch this space www.dpaustralia.org.au

If you want to register a men's shed that isn't listed on the Men's Shed website, go to www.mensshed.org.au/

Ability Edge Education - Childsafe Environment courses

In partnership with the National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, arbias is pleased to advise of the launch of the FASD national website. The website can be located at: www.nofasard.org.au

SPELL book project including information about the project, free downloadable resources, and order forms for purchasing SPELL kits

There is a new Item Number that GPs can claim when they see a patient with an Intellectual Disability. This is fantastic news for the Health Community!!
Follow this link

Able Australia Services (formerly the Deafblind Association) provide a free Deafblind Resource Guide and other useful information about supporting people who are deaf-blind at www.ableaustralia.org.au

A North American website for a professional group (APSE) working in supported employment. It looks like a useful resource http://www.apse.org/

A website with information on Angelman Syndrome. The author, Chris Glavin chris.glavin@k12academics.com, welcomes contributions from individuals interested in providing articles and resources for Angelman Syndrome.

MCS Global - Global Recognition Campaign for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chemical Injury, Chemical Hypersensitivity, Environmental Illness and other chemically induced illnesses and diseases
See http://www.mcs-global.org/ Also see other links below related to MCS

Restless Dance Company - check out their new website at http://www.restlessdance.org/

Supported Accommodation in South Australia - see http://www.dfc.sa.gov.au/supportaccommodation for information

Recreation Link-up - Recreation Link-up enhances the quality of life of people who have a disability by supporting participation in sport, arts and other recreational activities of their choice.

Creating Accessible Teaching and Support - CATS - The CATS Project has established a framework for good practice that provides information and resources to assist universities to create equitable access for students with disability and to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and the Disability Standards for Education See http://www.adcet.edu.au/CATS/default.aspx

JobAccess - a website providing resources about employment for people with disabilities and it is for employers and employees and their work colleagues.  You may find it handy for people with disabling chronic illnesses. www.jobaccess.gov.au
Hotline number is 1800 464 800

Social Enterprise Partnerships is a unique organisation in Australia - It aims to generate ventures and form partnerships for social purposes
See http://www.partnerships.org.au/

Play by the Rules provides information and online learning about how to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse for the sport and recreation industry

The parliamentary inquiry report into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) can be found linked off the bottom of the page at
http://www.parliament.sa.gov.au/committees/committee.asp?doCmd=show&intID=45 The direct link can be accessed BY CLICKING HERE
Also, sites looking at MCS workplace accommodation available at:


and relevant articles at


AutismSA New Look Website (http://www.autismsa.org.au/)
An interesting local (SA) website that has information about autism and training events coming, etc. Have a look at it.

Wheelaway (http://www.wheelaway.com.au/) Hire a wheelchair accessible vehicle for that next holiday.

Siblings Australia Inc.( http://www.siblingsaustralia.org.au/ ). Siblings of children with special needs can grow up in a situation that includes considerable stress, often without the understanding, emotional maturity and coping skills to deal with their experiences. An interesting website with useful information of relevance to siblings of any age.

Touching Base (http://www.touchingbase.org/) -An organisation that assists people with disabilities and sex workers to connect with each other. Be aware that some material may be explicit

Special Education Resource Unit (http://web.seru.sa.edu.au/) A South Australian Department of Education and Children Services Site. This is a searchable site and has very useful information on resources plus discussion areas.

Down Syndrome Society of South Australia Inc. (http://downssa.asn.au/) A site that showcases the achievements of young people with Down Syndrome. Check out the Publication and Resources link.

Search the Developmental Disabilities Dictionary (http://www.pbrookes.com/dictionary/) by Acardo & Whitman - available for purchase in hardcopy but a searchable electronic version is provided online.

SHine SA [Sexual Health Information Networking and Education]
(www. shine sa .org.au/) Improving sexual health and celebrating sexuality. Site contains an up-to-date database of articles. Resources and workshops relevant to people with a disability - see http://www.shinesa.org.au/edu_workers_disability_introduction.php.

Activ Foundation (http://www.activ.org.au/library.cfm )
An Australian site with information and resources on intellectual disability.

YAACK - Augmentative and Alternative Communication connecting Young Kids (http://www.pediatricservices.com/prof/prof-30.htm)

International Journal of Disability, Community, and Rehabilitation (http://www.ijdcr.ca/) Online, relevant articles - have a look!

PECS Australia (http://www.pecsaustralia.com/)
Information on the Picture Exchange Communication System and how you can participate in workshops in Australia

Disability and Information Resource Centre (www.dircsa.org.au)
Information on disability services and resources in South Australia. An excellent website - make sure you bookmark it.

Restless Dance Co. (http://www.restlessdance.org/)
Their vision is "To be a leading Australian Youth Dance Company whose work is inspired by Cultures of Disability" - See the website for upcoming performances.

Journal of Special Education Technology (http://www.unlv.edu/Colleges/Education/ERC/JSET/shared/about.html) Useful articles related to technology for children with disabilities.

Ministerial Advisory Committee (http://www.macswd.sa.gov.au/) A South Australian site with seful links to publications and reports on projects related to children with disabilities

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